Galleys for ATR

Regional Aircraft

Galleys for ATR

Mastering the art of multiconfiguration, the secret to modular success

Highly configurable furnishings perfectly tailored to the needs and space limitations of air carriers. Co-designed with ATR to be smart and lightweight. Ergonomics and materials designed for easy maintenance. SimAir’s multiconfigurable galley designs were the precursor of ModulAir ImaginAir galleys.

Optional Furniture

Regional Aircraft

Optional Furniture

Our customers have questions, we have answers

Custom-designed furniture to boost carrying capacity, whether for luggage, containers, or carts. Inventive design. Impressive space gains. We deliver total satisfaction by finding a smart, imaginative answer to every question.

Military Equipment

Military Aircraft

Military Equipment

One of the most demanding sectors, a new challenge at every turn

When it comes to the military, there’s no room for compromise. The spec list is long, precise, and very exacting, because all equipment must be able to stand up to the pressure and vibration of high speed. Add to that the need to push modularity to the extreme with furniture capable of handling anything from rescue equipment to distress beacons, charts, and more. In this market, ImaginAir works mainly with military surveillance aircraft.

Regional Aircraf

Stowage and Partitions

Narrow body

Stowage and Partitions for AIRBUS A320 and BOEING 737

An extensive inventory of certified partitions Furniture able to adapt to your needs

To meet industry’s pressing needs, we have designed and manufactured a range of certified partitions that are in stock and ready to be configured to your needs, for fast delivery. The same goes for our cabin furniture. We keep an extensive inventory of standard furniture that can be adapted to your specific needs. If the furniture you need doesn’t exist, we will design and manufacture it for you.

Galleys for A320 & 737

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Galleys for AIRBUS A320 and BOEING 737

Two certifications Two types of jobs

Part 145 certification authorizes us to ensure compliance of galleys designed by third parties. This is often a very intricate process: We have to change the configuration of the furniture to better meet the customer’s needs. Part 121 certification attests to our skill at designing and manufacturing galleys for special uses. We are regularly approached to design imaginative VIP furniture and deliver it to the tightest deadlines.

Galleys for A320 & 777

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Galleys for AIRBUS A330 and BOEING 777

We do more than give you what you need We give you what you want

Long distance carriers have high-capacity storage needs. And to keep flights profitable, weight-to-space ratios are also key. All our galleys are compatible with KSSU and ATLAS and designed to meet your needs perfectly while giving you all the comfort and functionality you want. Ease of use, esthetic appeal.

Stowage and Partitions

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Stowage and Partitions for AIRBUS A330 and BOEING 777

Interchangeable partitions Custom storage furniture

Certified partitions available today for speedy installation. Custom storage furniture that can be delivered fast and to your exact specifications. We know Airbus 330s and Boeing 777s like the back of our hand.




Baggage Compartments

Ingenious compartments Competitive value

Leveraging our strong production capabilities, we have developed a range of baggage compartments available at very competitive prices. Smart compartment designs that come from many years of experience.


First Class and VIP Furnishings

Business, First Class, and VIP Furnishings

Our famous craftsmanship in exclusive designs

All furniture designed and manufactured by ImaginAir is already known for its exquisite craftsmanship. When upgrading to VIP-caliber amenities, we use nothing but the best materials and finishes to create unique and meticulous luxury pieces. Much more than furniture, a moving experience!



Armored Doors

Extreme specifications Extreme precision

Proficiency with incredibly exacting specifications as demanding as they are exhaustive, unconventional materials, flawless quality control, meticulous craftsmanship by a dedicated team of skilled professionals—we’ve got you covered.