Horizon 2020


Our history in few dates

To Imagine Today Is to Be Tomorrow

For 35 years, we operated under then name SimAir, a meticulous subcontractor known for efficiency and imagination in manufacturing and maintenance. Often lauded for our punctuality and sense of duty, we have always delivered on our promises. Since 2016, we are now ImaginAir, an equipment manufacturer dedicated to what sets us apart from the competition: modular products designed with a deep understanding of aircraft manufacturers’ needs. Imaging the equipment of tomorrow today is a big challenge. And it’s one that ImaginAir will work with you to meet so that ultimately we will both be known as pioneers in our industry. Our imagination and creativity today will ensure our position in the market tomorrow.

Horizon 2020

In the cabin equipment sector, the future belongs to companies capable of innovating in three complementary spheres: modular products, flexible manufacturing processes, and smart environmental management.

ImaginAir already has proven experience in all three spheres. The Be ModulAir line is the only of its kind on the market. Between now and 2020, we will strive to improve it on every level to always deliver more comfort for passengers and crew members alike. On the production side of things, our manufacturing processes already boast the performance airlines need, and soon will propel us (with a partner or on our own) to the highest level both domestically and worldwide. When it comes to the environment, ImaginAir is already on the cutting edge with products made of 100% recyclable components.