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ImaginAir is headquartered in Rochefort-sur-Mer, where it also has an R&D center and production facilities. We didn’t pick this location by chance. Rochefort-sur-Mer is an important name in the history of the French aerospace industry. At the dawn of aviation, it was widely believed that airplanes would always take off and land only on water. With its strategic location where the Charente River empties into the Pertuis d’Antioche Strait in waters protected by two islands, the town was the perfect place for France to develop its naval air capabilities shielded from potential enemies. Still to this day, Rochefort-sur-Mer is home to a concentration of aerospace industry companies. And ImaginAir is one of them.

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Powered by the Human Brain

The ImaginAir team is made up of engineers, designers, and technicians specialized in cutting and assembling composite materials. It’s an all-star dream team directed by managers who strive for nothing less than to reinvent airplane cabin furniture to help propel the air transportation industry into the smart design era.

Every member of the ImaginAir team is expected to dedicate a portion of their time to seeking out new and innovative ways to revolutionize our products. To us, simply offering some of the most advanced products in the industry today is not enough continuous improvement is in our DNA.


We are all innovators who thrive on personal achievement


We work as a team to succeed as a team


Our goal is to let our imagination speak for itself

Creative Partners for Creative Solutions

ImaginAir has forged a solid network of partners over the years. These world-class companies are more than just subcontractors they actively contribute to developing our products and manufacturing processes, to guarantee quality at every level. Together we form a solid, seamless group of like-minded partners we call the ImaginAir network.